The heart of the Clubhouse, where you can
discuss, learn, and show off in a variety of
modeling, sculpting, and collecting forums.
You will also find a few
off topic forums, for
when things get slow.
You didn't think we were going to let you
just walk in ? You will need to answer a
least one question from the rules to
Check the
New Member FAQ first, for any
questions you may have.
This may be a good place to start
before hitting that registration button.
There's a question in the registration
that must be answered to prove you
are not a spam robot.
Every club needs rules, otherwise we have
chaos. The Clubhouse prides itself on
creating a safe and polite chaos free
environment for its membership. You
will need to know the basics to register.
We have stringent rules regarding sales in
the forums. If you are thinking about selling
anything to the membership, you had better
know the rules.  We are very protective of
our members.
Recasts are the scourge of the hobby.
If you don't know about RECASTS,
then we strongly suggest you read
the F.A.Q.. This will help you avoid
getting into any trouble.
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