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Is there any cost to being a member ?

Where are the answers to the Registration Questions ?
In order to prevent robots from clogging up our registrations,
several rotating questions will be asked at the end of the registration
process. The answers to these questions are found in the
. The Rules are found here.
Do I need to wait for confirmation ?
You will be sent an immediate email confirmation. You MUST follow
the instructions in the email.
I registered previously, but can't log in ?
Possibly, you failed to make the required post in the Welcome
Wagon within 7 days of registering. If so your account would have been automatically deleted and you need to re-register. If the process says that your log in name or email previously exists in the system, you may be using the wrong password. If that is the case or any other problems contact an
Administrator here
What are the common mistakes new members make ?
#1. Failure to make a post in the Welcome Wagon forum within the
      time limit specified in the confirmation email. The program will
      auto delete your account.
#2. Not reading the SELLING RULES. Occasionally, a new member 
       joins up and begins announcing he has stuff to sell. An      
       immediate reprimand will be issued and a repeat offense will 
       result in a banning.
#3. Not familiarizing yourself with the Rules of Decorum. We are a 
       friendly bunch and want to keep it that way.
#4. Failure to post. Occasionally, we look over our membership for 
      inactive members and prune out the lurkers who rarely visit the
      boards. This keeps our member database from becoming too
      unwieldy. So, try to throw a post up once every couple of months
      so we know your still breathing.
#5. Not knowing about RECASTS !
      The Clubhouse has
Zero Tolerance when it comes to recasts.
      Please familiarize yourself with our
Recast FAQ. Believe me, you
      will not want to deal with the members backlash.


How safe is it to make purchases in the Clubhouse ?
Our motto is "Buyer Beware" . You will find many items for sale in     
   the Clubhouse and the staff does not endorse sellers nor receive
   compensation for allowing people to sell. One caveat to that would
   be our
Recommended Dealer List. We are very protective of our
   membership and make every attempt to remove those found to take
   advantage. Watch for members marked "Seller Non-Grata" and    
   ask questions about reliability before sending your payment.
Recommended Dealers are companies that sell models. 
They have over the years proven to the membership that they
provide a quality product at a fair and reasonable price.  The
Administrators of the Clubhouse do not give the "
Seal of Approval"
lightly. We provide this list so that you can buy your kits with
confidence. We receive NO remuneration from these dealers.
Why are some manufacturers hyperlinked ?
We only link dealers that have been given the Clubhouse
Seal of Approval". These dealers are on our Recommended
Dealers List. Other manufacturers that are listed next to the
model may have gone out of business, but we recommend
that you contact the modeler or ask on the
Forums about any
dealer before you spend your money,

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