Clubhouse Rules

In order to have a community where everyone can feel at ease and comfortable, the following Code of Conduct applies to each forum in The Clubhouse.  

The Golden Rule
"Post unto others, as you would have them post unto you"...  In other words, think about what you are saying and what you have typed before hitting the Enter Key.

Be respectful of your fellow members!

Code of Conduct
Flaming or harassing or threatening another member is not allowed nor will it be tolerated.

Profanity is not permitted, everybody slips once in a while...  The occasional "hell", "damn", "ass" etc... are fine, just not every other word of each post.

Spamming and cross forum posting are not allowed.

Posting of links to Pornographic sites is not permitted. Posting of pornographic or overtly sexual images is not acceptable.

Arguing your point with a moderator or refusing to do, or stop doing  something a Moderator has asked you about, will not be tolerated.  If you have an issue with a Moderator, arguing with him or her on the forum is not a smart move.

Screen names, avatars, links of an offensive or suggestive nature will not be tolerated and may be
removed at Administrators discretion.

Posting of personal information (i.e., phone numbers, addresses, employment) within topics is not allowed,
even if the subject is a known re-caster, thief, or recognized pain in the butt.

The following subjects well not be tolerated as topics for conversation:
Sexual Orientation


Any Violations of the Code will result in the punative actions described below.

In order to keep things simple we use a "Three Strikes System" for enforcing the rules.

Strike One is a verbal (posted) and email warning from an Administrator or Moderator, which  may direct you to make amends or apologize for your actions to another member or at the very least clean up your own mess.

Strike Two is the suspension of posting privileges for a minimum of two weeks, but may be longer, depending on the nature of the problem.  You will be notified by email of the suspension.

Re-instatement is not automatic. In order to have your privileges re-instated at the end of the suspension period.  YOU will need to request re-instatement of your posting privileges in an email to the Moderator of the forum that the incident occurred on and the Administrators.

Strike Three is a suspension of "all" privileges and may include banning from the CH community.
This is irrevokable.

NOTE: The "Three Strikes System" is only one out of any number of responses the Clubouse moderators may take in addressing innappropriate behavior. Depending on the situation, response CAN range from a simple, friendly warning, to a summary permanent ban from the CH. As a member of the CH Community, we expect everyone to behave responsibly, with maturity and due consideration for the other members of the CH Community. If a member exhibits either a pattern of misbehavior, or the willful disregard of the CH Community, the Clubhouse Rules, or disrespect towards our moderators, then that CH member will be summarily banned from the CH.

Posting Pictures
Currently we allow posting of inline images. These are photographs that are imbedded in the poster's message. Images need to be already hosted somewhere on the internet. Photobucket, Image Shack, Flickr are some services that offer free web hosting of pictures. Images must be in a web-viewable format. i.e., .jpeg, .gif, .png. .jpeg is the most common and any digital camera is capable of generating .jpeg files (and usually do so as the default format). Resolution must be no more than screen resolution: 72 pixels per inch (ppi). Restrict image dimensions to no more than 1024 pixels in width and/or height at the normal screen resolution of 72 ppi.
Pictures Posting Specifications
  Format Resolution Max. Pixel Dimensions
Inline Images .jpeg, .gif, .png 72 ppi 1024 pixels
Avatars .jpeg, .gif, .png 72 ppi 80 pixels

Any imbedded images that do not meet the requirements described above will be changed to links. NO overtly sexually suggestive photographs will be allowed. There are plenty of Clubhouse members who find sexually suggestive images offensive. There are also many under-age members here too. Clubhouse moderators will determine whether an image crosses the line, but we expect all Clubhouse members to behave with due respect and consideration. Use common-sense when posting. The posting of sexually suggestive or pornographic imagery will result in the poster receiving a strike, or summarily have their account suspended depending on the aggregiousness of the infraction. This will be determined by Clubhouse Moderators. Members.

One of the board features is the member's signature line. This is a bit of space at the bottom of every member's post. Content can be added to this space from the members Profile Page. This may be any kind of text as long as it does not violate the CH Rules . It may be a link to your personal site, or another site, as long is it does not violate the CH Rules. Signature line content is currently limited to text, NO IMAGES! If the moderators feel that the nature of the text, its formatting, or nature of the linked sites are in violation of the CH Rules, or are designed to be disruptive or confrontational, we will remove the Signature Line content without warning and determin the best response to the Clubhouse member. This may be a text warning, a strike, or a summary ban from the Clubhouse.

We all have an obligation to the general Clubhouse membership to behave responsibly and with due respect and consideration. We want the Clubhouse to be a safe and comfortable environment for members of all ages to discuss the hobby, show off their artistic efforts, and foster a sense of community. All other considerations are secondary. If we feel that members are abusing the privalege of posting inline images, we will restrict the posting of images to links only.

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