Clubhouse "Swap & Sell" & "New Kits Available" Forum Rules

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Selling here at the Clubhouse is a priveldge, not a right.
It is reserved for those who are active members that actually contribute to the community.
This place was created as a place to talk kits, show off work, and get help.
The selling came later and is not what this place is about.
It is secondary.
And will always be that way. So, please keep that in mind when conducting business here.

Only those who have the 'Registered Seller' designation are allowed to post items for sale, or auction listings.
In order to be given that designation, you must be an
active and participating member of The Clubhouse.
That means, you must be a member for at least
90 days and you have a minimum 200 posts. These must not be meaningless posts, nor just a chunk of one liners made in rapid succession over the course of a few hours.

Once you meet those minimum requirements, you may submit your profile information (as listed below) so that we know a little about you.

Seller Profile Info must include:

Clubhouse Member Name (Login Name)
Full legal Name
Street Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Ebay ID (if applicable)

Contact the Administrators to submit your information.

This information will not be publicly posted, sold, nor given out to anyone... It will be used by the Clubhouse Administrators to contact you in the event of a problem... 

Until you receive email confirmation from us, you will not be allowed to sell on this forum.
Once we have received your background info, we will review your profile and make sure the requirements are met, then change your profile rank to reflect your Registered Seller status.
Depending on current workload for the staff, this could take anywhere from an hour, to a few days.
Please be patient.

This confirmation process only needs to be done once and will remain in effect as long as you are a member, or until you change one of the Items on your contact file....

We require this so that we know anyone attempting to sell in the Clubhouse has some time invested, it's to prevent folks for joining only to sell their wares, as that is most definitely NOT what this community is all about.


NO THIRD PARTY SELLING. You cannot serve as an agent or proxy for another seller. You must be the direct seller in order to post the sales announcement. The only exception is if you are an official reseller of another producer's product, under which you are considered the direct seller. Or, if you have prior approval from staff to act as a direct seller on another person's behalf.

We have had nothing but trouble with these type of activities in the past and do not wish to deal with them again.
Along those lines -
If you want to do a presale, then you have to at least have a nearly completed sculpt. That way our members can see exactly what they are putting their money towards.

PRICING MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL POST. It is difficult for people to buy something if they don't know how much it is. If you want to sell here, then all the information has to be posted here. No just asking for best offer in the swap and sell.
No just saying 'message me for details' in the new kits section. If you want to sell it, put a price on it.
Only exceptions are one-of-a-kind-items like molds, sculpts, casting rights, or commission work.

Non-model related items posted for sale should be cleared with a Moderator first. 

The Clubhouse or it's Staff are not responsible for the transactions that take place on the Swap & Sell or the New Kits Available forums. Anything bought and sold via the forums are strictly done "At your own risk"

Any sales post not updated within 30 days of the original posting date may be deleted.  So please keep your posts updated if you wish to still offer a particular Item or Items for sale. Once deleted, those posts are gone for good, so please be mindful and keep track of your sales posts.


Keep in mind, if problems arrise, and members are not satisfied, the Clubhouse will have the right to take action to try to correct these problems. These actions include, but are not limited to
Contacting you to see what exactly is going on, and how they intend to be corrected.
Locking any threads you may have listing things for sale.
Removing your registered seller status.
Giving you the
"Seller Non-Grata" tag. (you remain a member but warns not to buy from you)
Giving you the
"Slow Seller" tag. (you've never ripped anyone off, but it could be a long wait for goods)
Suspending your account entirely.
Banning you from The Clubhouse.

Keep in mind, if you don't follow through on your end, we are not going to hide the complaints.
As long as they do not break board rules, and the one lodging the complaint contacts us first and clears it.
I am tired of hearing about sellers who take money and take months or years to deliver what people have paid for. All the while, not bothering to respond to questions from those same customers.
Our first priority is to protect our members, not the reputations of questionable businessmen.

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