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Spirit of '76

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Spirit of '76
Produced by: Palmer Plastics 1959
Sculpted by: UNKNOWN
Scale/Size: UNKNOWN
Medium: Styrene Plastic
Modeler: Ken Kwilinski "Ken Kwil"
I built this for the 4th of July in 2015. I put a lot of work into this so that it looked more like the famous Archibald Willard painting. Some of the things I changed on this kit were the drumsticks. The ones shown here are made of wood. The kit comes with drumsticks that are way too small. I also changed the drum straps. I scratch built the straps from lead strips. The kit comes with string to hold drums which doesn't match the painting. I also corrected the position of the three figures arms because they didn't look like they were in the correct position with their musical instruments. The shoes of the middle figure were changed to the correct type as in the original painting. Using Apoxie Sculpt clay I added wrinkles and folds to the three figures pants because the pants from the kit are all smooth with no texture. The kit is spray and hand painted using Testers enamel paint.

Ken Kwilinski "Ken Kwil"
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